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ASX - internet retrieval of end of day prices

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Posted by Ron Alomes on July 17, 2000 at 16:24:17:


Up until 2 days ago I was using version 4.6.225.
I upgraded to 4.7.228 2 days ago.
The following has been my retrieval process.
My PC internal date has been 1 day behind the calendar date.
Each morning about 7am I retrieve the previous days prices & volumes from ASX. Because it uses the PC date to determine the retrieval date no problems were encountered. Prices & volumes were retrieved ok.
After changing to 4.7.228 I can retrieve the new price but the volumes are coming thru as 0.
I also tried setting my registry entry for valid_date to -1 and setting my PC date to the correct date with the same effect i.e volumes reported as 0.

Can you tell me has there been a change made between 4.6.225 and 4.7.228 that would explain the way the retrievals are now working.



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