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Re: ASX - internet retrieval of end of day prices

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Posted by Ron Alomes on July 18, 2000 at 16:20:37:

In Reply to: Re: ASX - internet retrieval of end of day prices posted by Mark on July 17, 2000 at 20:26:03:

: : Mark

: : Up until 2 days ago I was using version 4.6.225.
: : I upgraded to 4.7.228 2 days ago.
: : The following has been my retrieval process.
: : My PC internal date has been 1 day behind the calendar date.
: : Each morning about 7am I retrieve the previous days prices & volumes from ASX. Because it uses the PC date to determine the retrieval date no problems were encountered. Prices & volumes were retrieved ok.
: : After changing to 4.7.228 I can retrieve the new price but the volumes are coming thru as 0.
: : I also tried setting my registry entry for valid_date to -1 and setting my PC date to the correct date with the same effect i.e volumes reported as 0.

: : Can you tell me has there been a change made between 4.6.225 and 4.7.228 that would explain the way the retrievals are now working.

: : Regards

: : Ron.

: Hi Ron,
: There hasn't been a change in the ASX server since 225, are you sure
: you weren't using an earlier version? It sounds like the behavior of
: versions 219 and earlier. Here is the current behavior of the ASX server:

: This site updates the close, high, low, and volume for the date specified by the server during market hours. After hours, only the closing price is updated using the default date. (This server does not provide volume/high/low once the market is closed. You may prefer to use the Yahoo - Australia & New Zealand quote server instead.)

: So, if you are retrieving while the market is closed, you will only be
: getting the close, no high/low/volume. For information on any server see:


: Thanks,
: Mark
: --
: Mark Beiley
: Fund Manager for Windows 3.1x/95/98/NT


Thanks for the response.

I have added teh .AX to the investment symbols & changed the internet option to point to Yahoo Aust & NZ. Retrieval of the data from the internet for 18/7/00 (retrieved the morning of the 19th) still only gave me the closing prices (no volumes) for the shares.

Can you provide any additional assistance.



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