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Re: Same investment in different portofolios

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Posted by Mark on March 26, 2006 at 13:45:30:

In Reply to: Same investment in different portofolios posted by Sandy Smith on March 26, 2006 at 13:12:41:

: If I have the same investment in different sub-portfolios is there any way to only have to enter property information etc once?

: I have some mutual funds that are in numerous sub-portfolios and it seems that I have to put in basic information (example: asset type) in for the investment in every portfolio it is in. In additon it seems that pricing has to be downloaded multiple times.

: Am I missing something or is there a way to avoid the replication?

: Thanks

Hi Sandy,

Unfortunately, you would need to update the information for each investment, even if they are the same symbol. I realize this isn't ideal, and we do plan to improve this in the next major release. For the asset types information, you may prefer to "import" this, so you only have to enter it once into a text file that you then import. It will update all investments with the matching symbol. See "File / Import / Other / Asset Type..." and choose the "Help" button for instructions.

Mark Beiley
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