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Re: Wash Sale Support

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Posted by Mark on March 02, 2003 at 11:30:40:

In Reply to: Wash Sale Support posted by Chris ß on March 01, 2003 at 18:37:44:

: Hi Mark,

: Could you review your policy on having the Wash Sale Support only on the professional version.

: Wash sale is a common occurence. FWIW, I have no use for any of the other features, as they are not Portfolio related. However, wash sales really belongs in a Portfolio Management software. Charting and all the rest, apply to TA, for which I use to use MetaStock, but now have switched to AmiBroker along with FastTrack.

: So, could you reconsider the wash sale module in the regular FM? TIA.

: -= Chris ß =-

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the feedback. I can understand the desire to have it in the
Personal version. The decision to date is based on competitive analysis,
as well as the idea that professional traders are more likely to need
this feature.

There may be something in the middle that we could offer as a solution in
the future...

Mark Beiley

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