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Re: Recovering from a crash...

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Posted by Mark on February 03, 2003 at 17:20:01:

In Reply to: Recovering from a crash... posted by Moses Daniels on February 03, 2003 at 16:38:18:

: I had a windows installation crash on me and we are now trying to copy over the appropriate files to recover saved information. The old install was on Windows 98 and the clean install is Windows 2000. Will it work out okay if I just install Fund Manager, and then copy over the old fund manager folder, replacing the newly installed fund manager folder with the original from the old hard drive? Like this

: 1)install fund manager on new win2000 hard drive
: 2)burn fund manager folder located at c:\program files\fund manager to a disk
: 3)copy it onto the win2000 hard drive to its c:\program files\fund manager directory, replacing it with the burned one.
: 4)have all my old files and investments intact and be happy again?

: thanks

Hi Moses,

Yes, that will work. You really only need to copy your data files over
from your old installation to your new one. The data files are your
portfolio (*.mm4) and investment (*.dat) files. If you keep them in
another directory somewhere, you'll want to copy that as well.

Mark Beiley

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