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Posted by lexcy mrewa on December 11, 2002 at 07:20:23:

before i have even used it l am quite convinced that it might br the program that l might have been looking for.I am a small time but seasoned investor who plays his trade in Zimbabwe.The only software that l was using was a small program l developed using MS-Access.worked to limits but all l could use.OUr stock market ,,is very small compared to world average and is still paper based but it one of those emerging markets that compares in terms of us$ returns.even with whats going on around some including me with the little invested are still finding some wonderful returns and even above inflation.our market has about 15 stockbrokers.the market place has about 76 counters.

I am hopeful that your software will meet my expectations.Just finished downloading it.will need to customise it to our condition

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