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Re: Specific-Lot Capital Gain report

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Posted by Mark on November 24, 2002 at 09:42:33:

In Reply to: Re: Specific-Lot Capital Gain report posted by George Timms on November 24, 2002 at 09:17:17:

: : Regarding the "N/A" issue. If the cost basis and sell value are equal
: : this does not force N/A to be reported. If your investment is fully specified
: : then all the fields will be shown properly (not N/A). Could this investment
: : you are describing not be fully specified? If you right click on the
: : report row that is showing "N/A" and choose "Specify Lots..." you can
: : make sure that all of the "Redemptions" are fully specified. They should
: : all have a "Yes" by them in the "Done" column. If this doesn't resolve the
: : "N/A" question please let me know.

: You are correct. Unfortunately, I spent 20 minutes selecting shares from about 50 different lots for one particular sale and apparently did not press the right button to apply the update. I just repeated the exercise (this time saving the result ;-) and it worked as you describe.

: A few more suggestions: I could have used fast-path selection mechanism (for example, a right-click menu option or a keyboard short-cut) to specify all shares in a lot without having to move the cursor, type the number, and press Update on the Specify Lots menu. I also think it would be wise to present a warning message box if the user types in a number of shares and does NOT press Update (something I found myself doing more than once). Finally, it would be nice to somehow visually highlight (shading and/or color) lots in the right pane that include shares for the sale select in the left pane.

: Thanks again.

Hi George,
Glad you got the "N/A" fixed up. Thanks for the feedback on this process.
Those do sound like good ideas. I'll see about getting some of them into
a future version. There is a lot of info on that one dialog, and it can
be confusing.

Mark Beiley

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