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Re: Downloads don"t record on screen

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Posted by Mark on October 24, 2002 at 18:47:24:

In Reply to: Downloads don"t record on screen posted by R. Shippe on October 24, 2002 at 17:42:59:

: Hi,
: I have been a member for along time and enjoy your program very much.
: Recently, when I download daily quotes from Yahoo, the graf doesn't show the
: new price unless I advance the date one more day. When I do this, the difference
: between the new price and the previous price doesn't show in the upper
: left corner. What is wrong?
: Also, when I try to download historical prices for a certain day on Yahoo historical,
: I get the days prices I want and every other price up to the current one. When you
: want to keep weekly prices you get way too much data that you don't want. What
: can I do?

: Cordially,
: R. Shippe


When you're downloading the daily quotes, are they getting updated for
the current date? It sounds like they aren't... You can check under
"Edit/All Data..." with the "Prices" data type.

When you download historical prices you can specify a date range. It
can be a single date in the past if you'd like. It will update all
prices available within the date range you specify, but shouldn't update
outside the specified date range. Is that happening?

Mark Beiley

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