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Posted by Mark on October 23, 2002 at 21:27:33:

In Reply to: FM 6 posted by Bill on October 23, 2002 at 13:54:13:

: I downloaded FM 6 and I intend to upgrade, as I always have. I'm not very happy with this upgrade. I'm a loyal long time upgrade customer , but this time I'm not happy with the way "personal" FM is being treated. Frankly, I see no changes worth caring about. I can't use the Schedule D new change because TaxAct does not use TXF format. I don't need FM to calculate any wash sale I may encounter (on rare occassions), but I would like FM to at least be friendly to wash sales. That is, allow the user to calulate his own wash sales and FM to accept them as wash sales. Your update provides no support for wash sales with the "personal version". Accordingly, FM Personal version remains "hostile" to wash sales and therefore to tax records. As a long time customer and fan of FM, I'm very disappointed with this attitude about sharing "real changes" that are very basic to individual investors using the Personal Version.

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your feedback. Sorry we don't have the features you'd like
to see in the Personal version this time. We will of course continue to
support the previous versions, so you are not required to upgrade.

Mark Beiley

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