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Posted by Mark on October 05, 2002 at 20:30:15:

In Reply to: CASH ACCOUNT posted by RAY on October 05, 2002 at 17:11:42:

: Hi Mark.

: I'm trying to set up a cash account in FM6.x. After entering the information, I get the expected display on the value graph. However, I'm having a problem with the note markers showing up in this graph. All other accounts work fine. The other accounts I have go from a starting date to the current date. The cash account is based on the purchased date only. I also made sure that the note marker was turned on. Nothing I've tried makes any difference.

: Thanks,

: Ray

Hi Ray,

If you have a graph is just a flat line no markers will be displayed. You'll
see this if there is only a Y axis label right in the middle. You can change
this by setting the min/max manually for this graph with "View/Scale...".
This situation will happen when autoscale is on, and the min equals the max.
Could this be the cause, or is it something else?

Mark Beiley

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