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Re: Your opinion.

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Posted by Mark on September 18, 2002 at 22:18:58:

In Reply to: Your opinion. posted by Chris on September 18, 2002 at 13:08:28:

: Hi Mark:

: I am considering using Fund Manager to backtest historical equity market neutral portfolios. I will use another software program to create long/short transactions and format the transactions into a text file. I will import the transactions into Fund Manager in order to conduct portfolio analysis and look at various strategiesí tax implications, etc.

: I have a couple of questions.

: Is there a limitation to the number of transactions, or the amount of historical price data that can be imported into Fund Manager? I intend to have thousands of transactions, multiple portfolios (each testing a different strategy but possibly containing many of the same equities as other portfolios) and historical daily price data on hundreds of companies dating back to around 1984. Will Fund Manager be stable and efficient enough to handle that amount of data?

: Also, I downloaded Fund Manager onto an old computer to check it out. From the import transaction menu, I see only importing transactions from Quicken. The help file discusses importing transactions from text files, but I donít see the functionality on the menu. Can Fund Manager import split/dividend data from text files (I see in the help file descriptions of downloading splits/dividends from Yahoo, but I may want to import data from a stock that Yahoo no longer follows ex: a stock that was active in 1990, but is no longer active today)?

: I will be receiving a new computer (fast processor and 1gig of RAM) in a couple of days on which to begin analysis.

: I realize that I may be intending to use Fund Manager in slightly unorthodox ways, and I want your opinion about whether Fund Manager is capable of doing what I want in a stable and efficient manner. I also would love to hear if you foresee any other types of problems with what I intend to do. I have looked at many portfolio management software programs, and it looks like Fund Manager is the most flexible and most likely to do what I want. If your software canít do what I intend, then I will probably have to build my own crude database portfolio management application. I would much rather spend my time doing market research/analysis rather than building analysis tools.

: I would greatly appreciate any candid feedback that you may have, and I appreciate your help.

: Regards,
: Chris

Hi Chris,

The only limitation is that you can only have 500 investments open at
any one time. Within each investment there is no limit to the number
of transactions or prices that you can have recorded. Theoritically, there
is some limit, based on the amount of memory your computer can access, but
it is extremely large for modern computers.

You must have at least one investment open to see the "File/Import/Transactions/
Generic..." menu command. This command can only import into existing
and open investments, so at least one investment must be open to use this

I don't see any problem with using FM in the way you're describing.

Mark Beiley

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