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Re: Portfolio Performance Report Interpretaion

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Posted by Mark on August 13, 2002 at 08:04:36:

In Reply to: Portfolio Performance Report Interpretaion posted by Dan Eastes on August 12, 2002 at 20:00:03:

: Mark,

: I thought I understand the major features of FM, but I'm puzzled about the Portfolio Performance Report after making redemptions of all shares in a couple of investments. Please provide interpretation of the follow information on one investment:

: value of shares purchased over time: $10,189. (from All Data)
: value of distributions reinvested over time: $3675. (from All Data)
: value of liquidation of all shares: $12,592. (from All Data)

: Portfolio Performance reports returns the following:

: beginning value: 0 (correct)
: invested: -$2374. (?)
: distributions: 0 (?)
: end value: 0 (correct)
: gain: $2373 (?)
: % Gain: NA (?)
: Yield: 6.15 (don't know)

: Thanks,
: Dan

Hi Dan,

From within any report you can choose "Help/Help on Report" and you will
see descriptions and/or formulas for all of the columns reported in that
report. Sometimes the short column labels aren't descriptive enough
to tell exactly what that column includes.

The "Invested" column of this report is cash flow due to purchases/redemptions.
The purchases only include out of pocket purchases, not reinvestments.

The "Distributions" column only reports on distributed distributions, not
reinvested distributions.

For descriptions and equations for the gain/yield figures please see the
online help (Help/Help on Report) while viewing this report.

Mark Beiley

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