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Re: Make investment balance zero

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Posted by Mark on August 11, 2002 at 22:22:24:

In Reply to: Re: Make investment balance zero posted by Dan Eastes on August 11, 2002 at 17:25:20:

: : : I have several investments in which all shares held by the custodian were sold, yet FM shows a small number of "residual" shares, either positive or negative. The discrepancies were probably clerical type errors on my part. How do I make these investments show zero shares?

: : Hi Dan,

: : Go into "Options/Preferences.../Display" and set the share digits to display
: : 6 significant digits. Then, go into "Edit/All Data..." and choose the
: : "Investments (all)" data type to see all your transactions. Look and see
: : which ones are not recorded with the exact correct number of shares, and
: : edit these.

: : For recording in the future, here are some tips to prevent this, from the
: : online help:

: : Recording Transactions Without Rounding Errors
: : Often there can be small rounding errors on your transaction summary statement, as provided by your fund company. Improperly recorded, this can lead to small differences between the share balances reported by Fund Manager and your statements. To prevent rounding errors, record the Value and Shares fields in Fund Manager as displayed on your fund statement. Then, press the Tab key to move the input focus to the Price field. Fund Manager will automatically adjust the Price field to be consistent with the Value and Shares. This method records the Value and Shares as displayed on your statement. If there are rounding errors on your statement, the Price recorded by Fund Manager will be adjusted to the correct price (consistent with the Value and Shares). Fund Manager always ensures that Value = Shares * Price.
: : You can move the input focus around on a dialog box by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard. The order that the focus moves around on a dialog box is referred to as the "tab order". The transaction dialogs in Fund Manager have their tab order set to facilitate this recording method. The tab order in transaction dialogs moves from the Value, to the Shares, and then to the Price controls.

: : Thanks,
: : Mark
: : --
: : Mark Beiley
: :
: : Fund Manager, portfolio management software for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/00/XP
: : /XP
: :

: Hi Mark,

: Two problems:

: (1) "Investments (all)" displays all recorded investment transactions, not the balance of the investment. Editing here just edits the number of shares in the last transaction, not what I want.

: (2) The prescribed editing procedure (edit button) permits setting the number of shares to any number other than zero. (This is reasonable since the field are being multiplied by another field.) I want to zero out the investment. If I could get past the problem in (1) above, I might try setting the number of shares to 0.000001. That's pretty close to zero, but there should be a cleaner way to edit the current number of shares. Maybe I'm missing something in your instructions.

: Thanks,
: Dan

Hi Dan,

The share balance can't be edited directly. It is the summation of all
your investment transactions. To fix the share balance to zero, you need
to fix the investment transactions that weren't recorded quite right.

For example, if you bought 100 shares, and then sold 100, but recorded
99.999 you would have a share balance of 0.001. You would want to fix
the redemption to show 100.00, giving you a share balance of 0.

To zero out your investment balance you must make the summation of all
your transactions equal 0 shares. From the "Investments (all)" data
type you can select on any transaction and edit it (not just the last one).
Another option (although not as clean) if you don't want to spend the time
to find the errant transaction(s) is to just record another transaction
that will result in a zero share balance.

Mark Beiley

Fund Manager, portfolio management software for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/00/XP

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