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Re: NAV+DIV graph

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Posted by Don on August 06, 2002 at 12:58:32:

In Reply to: Re: NAV+DIV graph posted by Mark on July 30, 2002 at 17:10:19:

: : I can't seem to figure out how this is calculated i.e. the share price on the DIV+NAV graph. I added in all the distributions I received but I still don't get the same share price calculated by FM on the NAV+DIV graph. Some distributions were reinvested, others taken as cash. I just don't get it. HELP much appreciated. Thanks.

: Hi Don,

: This graph plots the share price plus distributions per share. It
: doesn't matter whether the distributions are reinvested or
: distributed. The distributions are added since the start of the
: graph date only, not since the inception of the investment.
: You can see what distributions are recorded by using "Edit/All Data..."
: and choosing "Distributions (all)". One column shows the
: distribution per share. This amount is added in as of the date
: of the distribution.

: The idea of this graph is to show graphically the performance
: of the fund/stock. Since distributions decrease the share
: price of a fund, by re-adding back in that distribution you can
: see the real performance.

: Thanks,
: Mark

Mark, thanks for your reply. BUt I still can't get the same DIV+NAV that FM gets.

I checked to make sure I'm only using the distributions from the starting graph date.

I used the report function to get a read out for the total amount of distributions I received from this fund (all were didvidends). Some as cash , some reinvested, but that is not relevant, as you said...only total distributions is relevant.

Here are the numbers, please see if you can get the same NAV+DIV as FM got:

NAV on day of calculation = 5.89

NAV+DIV (according to FM) = 8.406

Total distributions (according to FM report function) =1,173

Total number of shares now owned = 524.302

Total number of shares purchased = 416

(never purchased any shares after original purchase 416 shares; all other shares received as reinvestment of dividends)

my calculations:

1,173/524.302 =2.237

2.237 + 5.89 = 8.127 NOT 8.406

OR maybe:

1,173/416 =2.819

2.819 + 5.89 = 8.709 still NOT 8.406

Where am I going wrong?

Thanks for your efforts.


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