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Posted by Kim on June 13, 2002 at 14:05:24:

Hi Mark. Lately (past few weeks) I've been getting odd behaviour. I use Yahoo first for my stocks, and then Canada Stockwatch for my Canadian mutuals. Yahoo updates fine, as does Stockwatch for the funds, but it changes the Yahoo prices for several of my stocks, meaning I have to then delete the bad entry. Examples are RiteAid (RAD), Capstead (CMO) and GE. Reversing the order (Stockwatch, then Yahoo)results in a bad entry and the a good one, throwing the graphing off. For instance, RAD is currently $4.058 Cdn (using a fixed exchange rate) but after running Stockwatch the new entry is $.0172. Quite a drop! The problem seems to relate to Canadian stock symbols which are the same as U.S. but for entirely different companies. Is there a way to lock out the Canadian symbol access?

I'm using Version 320, BTW.



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