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e-mail change, update without reloading entire FM, Multiple buy/sell

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Posted by Dick Conway on June 08, 2002 at 20:13:09:

1.)I have changed my e-mail, how do I change your records?
2.)I too can't get quotes off Yahoo historical, etc., for DFXI (Direct Focus), RIBI, GTHR (Get,QCOM, Koop.
3.)Having lost my hard drive, I was determined to start right this time. However, I have purchases (From a reputable Stock Co.) that show above the graph in "Value,Cost/Value, and Gain (Maybe more). I use Yahoo historical for one portfolio, and Yahoo adjusted for a duplicate portfolio. I entered the original buy (New)in each stock, then used updates to buy/sell after the stock was in initially. I update each portfolio separately off the internet. Why off graph for some purchases add sale?
4.)When I buy or sell the same stock more than once in the same or adjacent days, the appropriate graph symbol only shows for one, sale or buy. Upon review at a later time, this has caused me to miss the real transactions for the day in graph and "all data". If I carefully move the mouse on the buy or sell symbol, I might see the second transaction, no gaurantee. Is there a way to avoid this?
5.) When I sell on some stocks, the sale (Triangle) symbol shows at value zero rather then on the graph at the cost as I remember it used to?It shows a value drop on any sale from the correct value, makes me nervous.
6.) Finally, how do I (Registered user)upgrade from 5.2.320 to 5.3.320 without downloading the whole program again off the web page? And will this solve any of the preceeding problems?
Reading all your responses, you are a whiz! Thanks Mark

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