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Posted by Anil on May 30, 2002 at 06:15:29:


I would like to suggest what I believe would be enhancements for a future release:

1. 'Portfolio value' should be available as a report. I mean here the total portfolio value as it changes from day to day. Currently, it appears the only way to access this numerical information is via export.

2. The export format for 'portfolio value' (as per above) is too rigid. In fact it is set in stone. A more flexible option would be helpful.

3. For greater ease of investment comparison when using 'gain' graphs, I would like the option of being able to use a Y-axis scaled in percentage units, ie the gains/losses are expressed as percentages of the underlying costs. Being restricted to raw values makes comparisons more difficult.

As an aside, I am not able to manually set the Y-axis limits for 'gain' graphs where more than one is displayed. My requests are ignored. I can however set these limits for the 'portfolio gain' graph.


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