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Re: Importing *.csv file

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Posted by Mark on May 23, 2002 at 22:35:16:

In Reply to: Importing *.csv file posted by Tony on May 23, 2002 at 11:57:07:

: Dear All

: I have a question about the CSV file.
: I have read the HELP file but I don't understand the sample

: "HWP","09/27/96",47.625,0.625,47.75,48.5,47.25,2115700," "

: I don't know the value 0.625 and 47.75 used for ?
: I tried it several time but I cound't find the these two value after I imported

: "SYMB","MM/DD/YY",NAV,??,??,HH,LL,VV Is it right ?

: Can I import Open-price with *.csv file ?

: Thanks for your kindly help !!!

Hi Tony,

CSV files can come in a variety of formats, the name CSV just means
that the fields are delimited by a comma, but what fields, and their
order can be anything.

In the example above the two fields in question are change from prior
and 'open' I believe, so you would import this with the generic import


the change field won't be imported, it is skipped, but the open field will
if you use the above format. You can see the imported data using "Edit/
All Data..." with the "Prices" data type selected.

Mark Beiley

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