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Re: Portfolio gain & yield

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Posted by Mark on April 15, 2002 at 22:50:22:

In Reply to: Portfolio gain & yield posted by Anil on April 15, 2002 at 02:07:15:

: This is a query re portfolio reporting.

: Pre-purchase, I am tracking a number of investments in a portfolio. If I generate an 'Investment Performance' report, I get output like:

: BegNAV EndNAV Gain %Gain-F Yield
: Investment A 100 110 10 10 50
: Investment B 200 240 40 20 90
: Average 15 70

: where Average shows an arithmetic mean of the %Gain-F column and an arithmetic mean of the Yield column).

: Instead of this arithmetic 'average' figure which is of limited interest, what I would like to see listed is the %Gain-F (and yield) for the portfolio _as a whole_, eg for %Gain-F:

: (350 - 300) / 300 = 16.67%

: Is there any way to configure a report to show this information?

: Thanks

Hi Anil,

There is no option currently in the reports section to configure these
totals as you've described. This is something I'll see about
adding for a future release. I can see why you'd like to see this
figure in a report. You can see a value similar to this figure in a graph
now though. The "Portfolio/Investment(s) Overlay / Price + Distributions"
graph type plots the weighted percent gain in the total portfolio. The
weighting is done by value of each investment and not share price though,
as you've requested above.

Mark Beiley

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