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Posted by Mark on March 30, 2002 at 10:18:35:

In Reply to: Auto backup posted by Richard Trilling on March 30, 2002 at 05:15:33:

: On exit autobackup only backs up the open portfolio.

: I have several portfolios which I change in a single session by opening them, saving the changes and closing them without exiting.

: Is there any way to get autobackup to backup all the changes made to all portfolios without exiting Fund Manager?

: Perhaps associating it with te "save" command.

Hi Richard,

As you know the "autobackup" feature only executes when you quit Fund Manager,
so only the investments open when you quit will get automatically backed
up. There are currently no options to control when this happens. We can
look into this for a future version though. You can of course always
do a manual backup with "File/Backup..." inside Fund Manager. Also, if
you create a portfolio with all your investments, and then back up
just this one portfolio, you'll have backed up all your investments.

Mark Beiley

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