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Posted by Mark on March 17, 2002 at 20:03:41:

In Reply to: Portfolio Transactions posted by Gary on March 17, 2002 at 18:32:14:

: Mark,

: Firstly, I love Fund Manager and your diligent service of it.

: My concern:I have several accounts at Fidelity, a retirement acct for me & my wife and college accounts for my children, each of which generates a mailing every month with account updates for interest, dividends, trades, etc. Currently, I receive these updates via the conventional mail which results in much paper clutter and laborious keystroking if I choose to record everything. Fidelity does offer the option of sending these updates by email, which would be attractive especially if the transactions could be entered without keystroking them in. Does or could Fund Manager have this capability?
: Many thanks!
: Gary

Hi Gary,
Glad you're happy with Fund Manager! Do you know what format Fidelity
will e-mail you your transactions in? FM can import from .QIF files (Quicken),
which is a popular format. FM can also import from generic text files, but
this takes a little more setup.

In version 6.0 that we're working on now, you will be able to
retrieve your transactions off of the internet, similar to how you do
now for prices.

Mark Beiley

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