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Re: Portfolio Problem

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Posted by Mark on March 13, 2002 at 17:42:09:

In Reply to: Portfolio Problem posted by Mike Favazza on March 13, 2002 at 08:08:11:

: Mark, I just started doing separate portfolios for my daughters and myself. Every time I buy a new investment for my shows up in my daughter's portfolio. I have purchased the same fund for a few different accounts. Each purchase amount is different for each portfolio...but the fund name is identical in more than one portfolio...Why does my purchase in my portfolio show up also in my daughter's portfolio...even when her portfolio is closed? Same fund...different portfolios...confusion?? Thanks

To track the same investment with different transaction histories, create a
new investment file (select "File/New Investment...") for each account holding
the same fund or stock. This will allow you to record different transactions for
each account. Each investment will have the same ticker symbol, but you will
assign them unique filenames. For example, you can track two accounts holding
IBM by creating 2 investments, both could be named IBM (or you could call them
IBM1 and IBM2, or whatever you prefer). Both investments would have
the ticker symbol IBM, but then the filenames would be IBM1.dat and IBM2.dat.

It sounds like you currently have one investment file, but it is included
in both you and your daughter's portfolio. Transactions are associated
with the investment file, not the portfolio. You will want to create the
2 investments, and put one in your portfolio, and the other in her portfolio.

Mark Beiley

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