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Re: restoring my data

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Posted by Mark on March 12, 2002 at 21:33:29:

In Reply to: restoring my data posted by i am a complete idiot on March 12, 2002 at 21:29:54:

: I've managed to delete some fund manager data files. I've found what I believe to be up-to-date .dat files in the fund manager Autobak directory. However, I didn't find the .mm4 file. I also have an old copy of the .mm4 file backed up elsewhere, but its not as up to date as the .dat file.

: I'd like to fix my problem by either a) creating a new .mm4 file, or b) updating the old .mm4 backup file.

: Can you give me a small background on the file types (.mm4 and .dat) and what type of data they store. I'm most concerned about losing the purchase and tax distribution information. That would be a huge pain to reenter. Which file stores that information? Should I worry that my.mm4 is older than the .dat files.

: I haven't tried any of this yet, I await your expertise.

: Thanks,

: Joe

Hi Joe,
All of your transactions and prices are stored in the investment files
themselves. These are the *.dat files. Portfolio files (*.mm4) are just
groupings of investment files, along with some preferences, etc... All
the real data is in the investment files. Please make sure to copy the
investment files out of the autobackup directory before opening them
and adding them to any portfolio.

Mark Beiley

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