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Posted by Sal 1958 on March 05, 2002 at 20:36:07:

I have gone through the message board and didn't see anything that fits my problem. I have a managed account and at some point during a quarter, the manager did an even exchange of a stock.. i.e. Stock A for Stock B. I had Stock A as an orginal purchase. Now I have Stock B that has given me a dividend and also I need to show it as a sale. Kind of tough to do as Fund Manager says that it won't allow me to enter the Dividend because I have not purchased the Stock. It won't let me sell the stock since I didn't purchase it. How can I show a one for one exchange on a certian date and that too it will allow me to show the stock as sold when the manager decides to sell all or a portion of it?

Any help with this would be greatly apprecieated.

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