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Re: Lost Daily Stock Closing Price Chart

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Posted by Mark on February 22, 2002 at 18:15:07:

In Reply to: Lost Daily Stock Closing Price Chart posted by Sam Lasley on February 22, 2002 at 17:48:19:

: While updating dividend reinvestments I lost one of my stock daily closing price charts and this is the second time it has happened in four years. A few weeeks ago I was able to recover the data, but unfortunately don't recall how I did it. Today only the first stock chart went completely blank while all of the other 46 were correct. In trying to restore the first chart I inadvertently lost ALL of my charts to the point that the date is totally useless for my purposes.

: How in the world do I retrieve and restore the daily closing stock price charts for all of my stocks from 1997 to current date?

Hi Sam,
What did you exactly lose? Did the graph go away, or were all the prices
gone? Where are you looking, and what did you see? To check if the prices
are still in your investment and it is a display problem use "Edit/All Data..."
with the "Prices" data type selected. It could be that you are just zoomed
into an area on the graph where there is no line?

You can use a historical quote server to get past quotes, but I would
try to figure out what/where your data really is.

Mark Beiley

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