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Re: Alerting via Pager

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Posted by Gary Trimmier on February 10, 2002 at 11:30:37:

In Reply to: Re: Alerting via Pager posted by Mark on February 07, 2002 at 20:07:49:

: : : : Mark,
: : : : I have tried to get alerting via pager to work, without any success. When I am connected to the Internet via my ISP the alert fails. In the alert options dialog I have checked Dial Pager using modem. Also have checked Internet connection shares the same modem. When I run a test the Disconnecting Remote Access Services Dialog displays, then the first line states Access to COM port denied. The appropriate timing occurs to allow a Cancel if I desired. The dialog is closed and the ISP is diconnected. However, a FM message box states Access is denied, then another one Failed to sent page. I have tried this without being connected to my ISP and everthing works correctly. Any help will be appreciated.
: : : : Thanks,
: : : : Gary T.

: : : Hi Gary,
: : : FM is only able to disconnect Remote Access Services (RAS),
: : : such as Window's Dial-Up Networking connections, used with most dial-up ISP's.
: : : AOL is different, and FM will not be able to hang up the connection on AOL.
: : : AOL does not use the RAS approach, it is a more proprietary method, that FM
: : : can't control. I'm actually surprised that the ISP does disconnect at some
: : : point? I'm assuming from your e-mail address that you are using AOL.
: : : What version of AOL are you using, or how are you dialing into AOL?

: : : Thanks,
: : : Mark
: : : --
: : Mark,
: : You are correct my ISP is AOL. I am running AOL Version 7.0 with a 56K local dial up connection. When FM does the disconnect AOL displays a message box titled The Connection Was Lost. Its content states Your connection to the AOL Service was reset by the remote host. I thought possibly that although AOL was off line that the modem my still be connected to the telephone network and I added additional command strings to the connection string as follows: ATHO,,,,ATDT5551212,,,
: : Thanks again,
: : Gary T.
: : : Mark Beiley
: : :
: : : Fund Manager, portfolio management software for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/00/XP
: : : /XP
: : :

: Hi Gary,
: I just tried doing some testing with AOL. To disconnect AOL I had to
: be on COM1 even though my modem uses COM3. When on COM1 it did disconnect
: AOL. It sounds like since yours works when AOL isn't running your
: modem is on the same COM port that disconnects AOL? What COM port are
: you using when doing the test, and what COM port is your modem on if you
: look in Control Panel?

: Thanks,
: Mark
: --
My modem does use COM3, I have set AOL on COM1 and it fails to initialize. When I set FM on COM1 it does not disconnet AOL and make a call.
Gary T.

: Mark Beiley
: Fund Manager, portfolio management software for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/00/XP
: /XP

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