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Posted by Bob Organ on February 06, 2002 at 21:05:12:

When using the portfolio overlay graph, if investments are added or sold during the graphing period, are they only included in the portfolio results for the time period that the investment was non-zero in the portfolio?

For example

Day 0
Portfolio contains:
Investment A $100
Invsetment B $400

Then on day 5
Investment C $100 is added

On day 10
Investment A $120 (has increased in value) is sold.

For the period of day 1-5, if prices are entered for Investment C - are they included in the hypothetical performanc of $10K (or not included since the "value" is 0 for those days)?

Similarly, for days 6-10, is Investment A included (if prices are entered) or is it not included because the value would be 0 for those days?

Thanks much,


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