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WSAE 10035 error

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Posted by George Lengel on January 14, 2002 at 08:19:28:


I have been a registered 10.2 user for many years and
it continues to work great under OS/2. I have seen a few
new features added to 5.3 so I have been trying to get it
running under OS/2 using the Odin project (
which is sort of a WINE for OS/2. A large number of win32
apps can run successfully and they have made progress
with FM also.

The last main stumbling block that I experience is updates
over the Internet. Whenever I try to perform one, I get a
WSAE 10035 error code. I looked at your page on the return
codes and forwarded the information to the Odin team, but
the problem remains. I tried the latest build over the weekend
and this time I also turned on IPTRACE to record all the
communication. The GET request is sent out and the web page
is returned completely so it seems like everything should
be fine, but the error code is returned so FM does not update
the quotes. This happens both for quotes and using the Retrieve
status... selection under Help. Any ideas what could be wrong
to produce the WSAE 10035 error?

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