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Trendlines causing problems

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Posted by Dan Stahler on December 02, 2001 at 02:58:15:

From the installation of the version that started using trendline I have had the following problem:
I put a trendline in the Portfolo graph. The trenline can not be deleted and has formed multiple trendline entries in the window for editing trendlines. When I try to edit or delete the trendline(s) the computer freezes as though it was processing some information.

I tried to load my portfolio in the latest version, 5.3. The porfolio I use really acts wierd. Certain investments won't show up and the same problem with ttrendlines. I expect that the trendline glitch is worse in the new versioin.

What do you advise? I would like to clear up the trend line problem and install the new version.


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