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Posted by Mark on November 06, 2001 at 22:13:22:

In Reply to: 2 Countries posted by David on November 06, 2001 at 06:57:24:

: I already have my US holdings in FM. I'd like to add my British holdings, among other reasons so that I can see how my entire portfolio is doing. To do so, I'd like to have them all in one gigantic portfolio called "All", in addition to smaller portfolios. When I have "All" open, how will I tell FM to retrieve the prices of the US stocks from the US server which is set, maybe the default server, and to retrieve the British prices from some British server?

: Thanks.
: David.

Hi David,
You have a couple of options. Portfolios remember the default quote server.
You could set up two portfolios for retrieving, one for US, and one for British.
You would include the appropriate investments, and have different default
quote servers for each. All your investments would have the property to
retrieve from the default quote server.
A second option is to assign the quote server to each investment
under "Investment Properties", and then you can include them all in a single
portfolio, and do it with a single retrieve.
I generally think the first method is probably better if you have a decent
number of investments in each exchange. That way you don't have to modify
so many investment properties.

Mark Beiley

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