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covered calls

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Posted by Tom Seeley on November 06, 2001 at 15:02:46:

I asked earlier about a portfolio within a portfolio, and got the answer I expected. It isn't currently possible.

That's fine. I know I can create all the contents of my portfolio as individual investments and then include each of them in my "all" portfolio.

But the portfolio I'm trying to emulate is one in which I'm using covered calls.

So far it seems as if there's no possibility of covered calls in FM, because I can't sell a call as the initial transaction; I can only buy it first (in FM) and then sell it later.

With covered calls, if I am to emulate my portfolio in which I'm using them, I'd have to enter a negative number of calls, or a negative price, or something else like that.

Am I right that FM won't cover that sort of investment at the present time (no pun intended)? Or is it in a later version than the one I'm currently using (4.7.312)?

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