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Re: portfolio within a portfolio?

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Posted by Mark on November 02, 2001 at 07:49:53:

In Reply to: portfolio within a portfolio? posted by Tom Seeley on November 02, 2001 at 07:09:04:

: I have used FM for years, and I will not willingly part with it. It's fantastic!
: Recently, I have started putting some of my money to work in a self-directed IRA. Up till now, it's all been in individual stocks or funds.
: I'd like to create a portfolio to simulate my self-directed IRA and then include that portfolio in another portfolio that I use to combine all my IRAs in one "package" for reporting and analysis using FM.

: Is this possible? I browsed the help menus (not exhaustively), and I didn't see anything obvious on the subject.

: Thx in advance.

: Tom

Hi Tom,
Thanks for the compliment on FM. There is no such feature as a sub-portfolio.
You could do this by including all the investments in your IRA portfolio in
your 'all' portfolio as well. They wouldn't be grouped together specially
in your 'all' portfolio, but they would be in there. Investments can belong
in as many different portfolios as you'd like.

Mark Beiley

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