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Re: Yield Displays and Reports

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Posted by Mark on October 07, 2001 at 11:38:42:

In Reply to: Yield Displays and Reports posted by Jim R on October 07, 2001 at 08:08:02:

: Mark:
: I'm trying to display and report FP Yields-which I understand to be returns as typically reported-including the reinvesment of distributions.
: At the moment I get different results between graph displays / Fund Performance Yield Reports and a Custom Report displaying FP Yields.
: I think my problem is I am unable from the toolbar to change the Yield preference from ROI to FP-Reinvested. No matter how many times I try to change it, it still comes up ROI. I did get it to change once and immediately saved the portfolio - but the next time I loaded FM it was back to ROI ???
: What do I need to do?? Thanks for any help

Hello Jim,
It should work just as you're describing. Change the yield type
for above the graphs under the "Yields" menu. Then, use "File/Save Portfolio"
to memorize this preference in your portfolio. The next time you open this
portfolio is will restore your yield preference.
Please give this another try, saving the yield preference. If you still
aren't successful, you can e-mail us the portfolio, and we can try to
reproduce this.

Mark Beiley

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