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Re: Portfolio Performance report

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Posted by Mark on September 29, 2001 at 17:32:19:

In Reply to: Portfolio Performance report posted by Jay Hegener on September 28, 2001 at 13:49:57:

: I have a couple stocks that I bought on 1/26/00 and sold on 1/29/01. When I set the date filters to 'year to date' (1/1/01 to 9/28/01) during a portfolio performance report the values for these two stocks are way off. It says I invested almost $9000 for one when I really invested $4500. The starting value is off by nearly as much too. As a consequence the report is wholly inaccurate. Is this a bug? Or am I just trying to do something the report is not designed to do?

: What's the best report to run to get an annualized rate of return for both individual investments and the overall portfolio, regardless of whether most of the stocks have been sold off over the years?

Hi Jay,
One suggestion on the reports. From within the portfolio performance
report please select "Help/Help on Report..." to get a description of what
each column is reporting. It may be reporting something different than you
are expecting. If that does not clear up the issue please e-mail us an
investment file that isn't giving expected results along with the date
range of the report, and what you're seeing, along with what you're expecting
to see.

There are two "yield" reports, the ROI and Fund Performance yield reports.
These will show you average annualized yields for each investment and the
whole portfolio. The ROI yields factor in when you bought/sold. The FP yields
just calculate yields based on the price and distributions paid by the
investment, it doesn't factor in any of your transactions. Search the
onine help for "yields" to read more about the details of each yield type.

Mark Beiley

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