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Posted by JACK KLEINERT on September 04, 2001 at 11:38:04:

Dear Mark,

I have been a satisfied user of Fund Manager for several years, but I have just discovered that all
my portfolio performance reports have been inaccurate all this time, apparently because I have
been using historical quotes. As a result it seems that my gains and yields have been based on
adjusted prices, rather than the real prices on the date of the beginning of the report. For example,
if Fund A had an actual NAV of 9.81 on 1/1/98, but an adjusted NAV of 9.20 when gathered on 9/1/01,
the earlier date will result in a lower total value (based on the original number of shares) for that fund than
actually existed when it was purchased on that date, therefore it will show a much larger gain at the end of
the report period (9/1/01) than actually occurred.

How do I correct this in my reports? I realize that if I go to unadjusted quotes my overlaid graphs
will not be accurate. I would like both accurate reports and accurate graphs.

Jack Kleinert

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