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Posted by Mark on August 02, 2001 at 13:25:01:

In Reply to: Default Browser posted by Jack Tunstill on August 02, 2001 at 05:54:01:

: I use Time Warner Roadrunner as my ISP, but I also have AOL. I made some changes in my computer, but when I select "go to Fund Manager home page" or F9 for Yahoo Business in FM, it launches my AOL browser instead of my ISP's browser. Until I made the changes, I always got the ISP browser. If I am logged on to AOL it simply switches from FM to AOL and loads the appropriate page. However, if AOL is not loaded, then I must wait until AOL loads, signs on, and gets the page. Since I am always online with my ISP, this change to AOL launch is a pain.

: How do I select the default browser in FM?

Hi Jack,
FM uses your Windows "Shell" to launch the default browser.
It is the same as if you went to "Start/Run..." from within
Windows and typed in a URL. Whatever browser opens up that URL is
registered with your shell as the default browser. You may look
in your ISP browser for settings to make it the default browser.
Sounds like AOL made itself the default browser on your system. You may
also try re-installing your ISP browswer to see if that can reset it
as the default browser.


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