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Posted by Stathis on May 15, 2001 at 16:07:21:

Hi all

I just downloaded the new version of Fund Manager and saw the new features.....I have a problem though when trying to download the closing prices from the Internet.....I'm trying to download quotes from the Cyprus Stock Exchange.
I set the proxies and everything right and when i do the procedure it gives me the following message.

"Could not update any investments"
And when i press ok it shows another message.

"One or more servers were unable to retrieve any prices.
Would you like to read the online help......."

Bear in mind that i also fixed it in "Investment Properties.....Other...." to be Cyprus Stock Exchange too.

I think i've set it up right...But it still doesn't work....Can anyone help?
Or can you check those symbols and tell me what you get? BOC, HCMw, AGDw

Thank you

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