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Posted by Bill Haskins on May 11, 2001 at 21:52:26:

I lost all my data when my hard drive crashed (I know shame on me for not backing it up...Learned my lesson). I am trying to rebuild my stock since 1999 and I bought a company called Smithkline beecham (SBH) which was bought by Glaxo welcome in Europe. When Glaxo purchased SmithKline the new symbol became GSK. I am trying to restore stock prices for SBH but Yahoo no longer has it for SBH. I tried GSK but there is a $10 difference between where the price should have been under SBH -vs- GSK.

Is there any where to find the prices for SBH before it became GSK?
My statement says the price for SBH should be 61.00 on 1/31/00 but GSK says the price is 52.75 for 1/31/00.

thanks for any info you can give me.....
Bill Haskins

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