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Re: German funds - suggestion

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Posted by Mark on May 09, 2001 at 22:10:53:

In Reply to: German funds - suggestion posted by Andreas Mattern on May 09, 2001 at 02:00:55:

: Hello!

: Browsing the message board it looks like it is a fairly common and so far unresolved problem to update prices on the internet for funds trading in Germany. Iīve tried most of the quote servers and couldnīt find a way to get a quote e.g. for

: DIT-EUROPAZINS WKN: 847603 ISIN: DE0008476037

: The last guy asking the question was told to check out the quote servers, I contacted him but just like me he couldnīt get it to work.

: As Iīm currently trying out the program and thinking about licensing it, this is a major problem for me. Updating the values for 25+ funds manually is a tad bit annoying... ;) In Germany most transactions are done with the 6 digit WKN-number and itīs easy to use them to keep track of your investments in FM. Yahoo Germany accepts them for stocks but not funds.

: The way I think FM works is that you request the http page with a special query including the ticker symbol or whatever and extract the relevant data from the html coming back, hence you have to configure it for each server. Correct me if Iīm wrong of course, this is just an educated guess. Thereīs one server that I know that handles all WKNs that Iīve thrown at it (and also handles ticker symbols like TMTA), or rather


: Instead of using the frame on the left to enter the WKN you can also form the query like this:

: If Iīm not too far off the mark, how much work would it be to integrate citibank as a quote server? Me and I bet all German users would be forever grateful. Or is there another quote server that you know that handles WKNs for German funds?

: Are there legal issues involved about using the public service?

: Anyway, great program so far, if you could only fix this problem for us poor Germans... ;)

: Andreas

Hi Andreas,
Are you able to get this fund quote from Yahoo-Germany at all, using your

Mark Beiley

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