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Re: Investments not showing properly in Prices data file

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Posted by Mark on April 21, 2001 at 21:21:57:

In Reply to: Investments not showing properly in Prices data file posted by Bill Putt on April 20, 2001 at 12:20:53:

: Mark,
: I am using 5.2.307 and on an "investment" which is set up as its own default
: cash account, it is not reflecting "redemptions" and "reinvestments" as seperate
: lines in the price register after a particular date (9/8/00). For every date
: that appears in the "Investments (all) register, there is not
: a corresponding date in every case for the "Prices" register. Purchases seem to
: enter OK. Also my last "redemption" is simply not reducing the
: amount of shares shown in the price register and therefore the totals are wrong.
: Since these are all cash entries (a money fund) the share price is remaining
: constant at $1.00 .
: I have tried deleting and reentering these "investment" entries but it does
: not cure the price registry. I would appreciate any thoughts which you might
: have on this problem.
: Thank you.

Hi Bill,
I'm not sure I followed all the details of what you've entered here,
but please check that you are sorting by date and not something else when
looking at "Edit/All Data.../Prices". You might have other prices recorded, but if you are sorting by shares or something else, they won't be listed in
date order.

Mark Beiley

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