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Posted by Neil North on April 17, 2001 at 07:41:53:

Trying to update prices from internet today I get the error message
"Error 11001 returned from [gethost by name]
Tried both Yahoo and ASX with same result.

When I go to Options --->Internet-->retreive setting, select yahoo or ASX and go "retreive status now" I get the error message
"Error 10050 returned from {connect}

Have tried the usual, reloaded Fund Manager, Rebooted computer but no change. All other intenet facilities seem to be working normal. Am using FM 4.7 on Win 98. Looking at speed of response the messages seem to be coming from my PC and not from an internet machine, ie FM cant get a connection to the internet although everything alse can.

Any suggestions. Manual update is not a real option with around 50 stocks.



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