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Re: Yahoo internet price updates.

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Posted by Mark on February 26, 2001 at 22:14:31:

In Reply to: Yahoo internet price updates. posted by Stewart Morse on February 26, 2001 at 01:02:38:

: Hi Mark,
: I have noticed a problem that is occurring when retrieving updates from Yahoo Australia/NZ server. Whenever I get an update it retrieves the prices for all stocks okay except for ticker cfb.l & htt.l (both UK listed trusts). With these stocks it treats the price as full pounds. eg a price of 1.20 records as 120.00. If I use the Yahoo UK server they update correctly. My preference however is to use the local server. This necessitates a daily deletion of the incorrect prices and a change of server to reobtain and reload them correctly.
: Can you check this out.
: Regards,
: Stewart Morse

Hi Stewart,
Both servers are reporting these quotes in pence. Fund Manager has
extra functionality built in for the Yahoo-UK server that allows you to
control whether it imports in pence or pounds. For details see:

This same feature is not available for Yahoo - ASX/NZ, so prices are always
imported from this server as they are reported on the server.

You can make use of the feature that allows you to specify which server
an investment is updated from. See "Investment Properties.../Other".

Mark Beiley

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