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Re: Importing transactions error

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Posted by Mark on February 11, 2001 at 21:50:09:

In Reply to: Importing transactions error posted by George F. Weida on February 11, 2001 at 19:58:51:

: I am trying to set up Fund Manager for an Endowment Fund at my church. The reports from one of the fund managers does not list price per share, only the number of shares and the total value received. I have set up a spread sheet to imput the data directly from the report and compute the price per share. When I try to imput the data, I get a message "One or more fields not specified". My imput format is 'MM,DD,YY,ANUM,BNUM,CNUM,SYMB,TRAN' and the data looks like:

: 12,31,1996,1,-2.18,,SCG,DIST_I
: 1,6,1997,0.003012185,15839,,SEG,DIST_D
: 1,6,1997,0.007296742,13628,,SFIG,DIST_D
: 1,24,1997,1,-5.52,,SCG,DIST_F
: 2,1,1997,1,0.46,,SCG,DIST_I
: 2,7,1997,0.002568975,15839,,SEG,DIST_D
: 2,7,1997,0.004082771,13628,,SFIG,DIST_D
: 2,25,1997,1,-5.37,,SCG,DIST_F
: 2,28,1997,1,0.74,,SCG,DIST_I
: 2,28,1997,1,-0.01,,SCG,DIST_F
: 3,5,1997,0.001228613,15839,,SEG,DIST_D
: 3,5,1997,0.005616378,13628,,SFIG,DIST_D
: 3,19,1997,1,324.82,,SCG,SELL
: 3,25,1997,1,-5.49,,SCG,DIST_F
: 3,25,1997,1,0.71,,SCG,DIST_I

Hi George,
You must have a number for each ANUM, BNUM, and CNUM, even if it isn't
used for a particular transaction type. Since you've got this starting
from Excel, just fill in '1' or any number for the unused number. For
example, you would change your first line from:




Mark Beiley

Fund Manager for Windows 3.1x/95/98/NT

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