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Best way to install FM 5.0

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Posted by Danny on February 05, 2001 at 18:18:58:

Hi Mark,

So now that 5.0 is officially out, what's the best way to install so that I keep my FM 5.0 BETA settings, given the following scenario:

FM 4.7 is installed in E:\Fund Manager
FM 5.0 BETA is installed in E:\Fund Manager 5.0 Beta
Each version has its own FM data directory (D:\FM Data & D:\FM 5 Data)

I want to install the new 5.0 into E:\Fund Manager, but I need the data from FM 5 Data. I then want to get rid of FM 5 beta directories.

My plan is as follows:

Back up 4.7 stuff onto external media
Install new FM 5.0 into E:\Fund Manager
Move D:\FM 5 Data to D:\FM Data
Delete E:\Fund Manager 5.0 Beta & D:\FM 5 Data

Would this do the trick? Note that since using the BETAs (which were remarkably stable), I did not update any of my 4.7 data files or settings - I basically worked "full-time" with the BETA versions.


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