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Posted by Bill on January 20, 2001 at 13:41:39:

I'm a big, big FM fan and have been using it for several years. Notwithstanding my praise for FM, I would realy like to see some sort of way to better handle wash sales. Using commission fee or account fees is at best a poor way to attempt to deal with the required adjustments. These sort of entry tricks fall short of maintaining the appropriate entries in the "Capital Gains" reports that
are used as, or to complete, the Schedule D. Even if future versions of FM do not include some sort of wash sale identifier/calculator, I would like to at least see a way for users to self identify/calculate their wash sales, but at least have a specific way (menu selection) in FM to properly accept the user wash sale data, while including the wash sale identity and adjustment on the "Capital Gains" report.

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