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FM 5 for everyday use- I like it! and...

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Posted by L.Larson on January 07, 2001 at 09:54:17:

The few changes I have seen makes it much nicer esp for a visually oriented person such as myself.
The X Y grids for dates all line up on even increments, so much handier.
And the F3 snap option AND the snap, very handy addition.
Now when I find how to add notes and draw on the graphs....
anyhoo, no glitches so far.
Looking forward to further using it.


PS- Having learned from past upgrading, I copied several folios and their data to a new directory, also renamed the folios like 'XXinvesco' to minimize potential conflicts that ocurred with my last upgrade. Files too.
FRANKLY I think this instruction should be First, number ONE in the Read Me file!!!!!!

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