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Initial Value for Port/Invest Overlay Graphs in v5.0

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Posted by Danny on January 04, 2001 at 17:16:27:

Hi Mark,

Received the note about v5.0 and immediately downloaded both personal & pro versions. Installed each into separate directories from FM v4 so I can evaluate all three. No installation problems on Win2000 machine with ie5.5 SP1 EXCEPT it seems to look for an Office Server Extensions file during install. I cancel out of this and setup seems to continue OK. (I have Office 2000 installed on the machine if that helps).

One immediate thing I have noticed is that in FM4 there is an option under Options -> Preferences -> Other that lets me set the Initial Value for Portfolio/Investment overlay graphs. I always have this set to 100, since I like to compare my portfolio's *relative* performance with various stock market indices as well as individual stocks.

In both FM5 and FM5 Pro, this option has been removed! I have looked in all places for it but cannot find it. Please tell me this is an oversight and you'll put it back in!!!


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