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MM account different companies, FM 5?

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Posted by L Larson on December 30, 2000 at 10:20:31:

Saw recent post that I can use a default cash account evidently for monies that have gone from a MF to a MM account for holding. However I have three diff MF companies, but am able only to create the one acct? Guess I could lump them all in the one place....
Is/are there any updates on Cap gains figuring in V5?
Likewise still would like to adjust the horizonal dollar spacing in charts so they are all the same increment in a folio rather than varied...seems like one could adjust the max and min but that means doing every open investment rather than a global option.
and dare I ask, is FM going to calculate accurate cap gains over the long haul, sort of a check on what Quicken does? Oh yes, I just discovered the single fundimport from Quicken, however it does not always seem to avoid double transactions when importing, not hard to do a check tho...
I have 'solved' the situation for having an option of not having a start date option on charting, I simply made a new folio with investments I have and set the open date to a couple days prior to the first investment so the start circle can be seen. And dont make any historical changes when that is open.
Still using 4.2, looking forward to upgrading.


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