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Price retrievals on indices

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Posted by Barry on November 28, 2000 at 12:05:44:

I created a portfolio called "Indices". It contains S&P 500(^SPX); Wilshire Tot. Mkt.(^TMW); Nasdaq(^NDQ); and DJIA(^INDU). When performing an historical update from Yahoo(adj.hist.), The only one that updates is the S&P(SPX). The other three prompts "unable to update" something or other. I have double checked everything I know e.g. typecase, investments open, correct server in internet props. etc. Still no luck. I also checked all investment options to see what might be different about the S&P. One thing that may not be pertainent, but I will mention; when I set up this particular portfolio, for some reason I created a new folder in "my data" called indices, I then open that one to reveal the mm4 file. I cant for the life of me figure how I set up the S&P index differently from the other three. Thought I would post before I delete and recreate that portfolio. By the way, how do you delete a portfolio? Do you simply close all investments in it and then save? I dont see a delete portfolio command.

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