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Re:Disregard above Transient bal.updates on cash acct.

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Posted by Mike on November 21, 2000 at 09:04:35:

In Reply to: Transient bal.updates on cash acct. posted by Mike on November 21, 2000 at 08:22:50:

: I tried to purchase some fund shares with only that fund open. It did not deduct from my cash acct. (MM fund). So I deleted the transaction and repeated only this time with the entire portfolio open (including the MM fund). It worked beautifully, I entered the value and price and it figured my share amount and deducted that value from my cash acct. by default. As an experiment, I tried a purchase of another fund only this time with just the fund to buy and the cash account open; it did not reduce my cash account. I therefore deleted that tranaction to redo with the entire portfolio open as this worked before. To my amazement, when I tried to repeat my first success on a different fund, not only did it not reduce my cash account but it actually restored the original value to where it was even before my first transaction which worked well.(note: the same values were transacted on both fund purchases). After this apparent anomily, I revisited my original purchase to see if maybe I had deleted it unintintionaly;
: such was not the case. What is it that I am managing to do wrong or are overlooking? It seemed to behave two different ways following the same procedure but I know its got to be me somehow. By the way, I was using the B/S button on the toolbar.

I must have deleted the transaction in my MM account that was linked to the successful trade. It appears that the software is set up so that if you delete a transaction it does not, by default also delete its linked transaction on the other side. This may be a good thing.

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